Orton-Gillingham Reading Approach

Where did the Orton-Gillingham approach originate? Dr. Samuel Orton, a pathologist who worked with adult patients with brain damage, was asked to evaluate students who were struggling to read. After much observation, he realized these students were reversing letters and their order in words causing them difficulties with reading.  His knowledge of brain damage led [...]

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Stay ONE STEP AHEAD this SUMMER When: Monday- Thursday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Grades: K-2, 3-5 and 6-8; SMALL GROUPS (1 tutor: 6 students) Price: $130.00 weekly (8 hours of learning) & a one time $20 registration per family Week of June 12th READ-A-Ton (K-2nd, 3-5th, 6-8th): Students will enjoy a week of reading [...]

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WJIV Testing

What is it? The Woodcock-Johnson IV (WJ-IV) is an individually administered assessment that thoroughly tests a person’s strengths and weaknesses with different subsets of tests. It includes about 20 tests that will cover reading, writing, math, oral language, processing, and more. Unlike other achievement tests that only test your child at their current grade level, [...]

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Personalized Learning Programs

We live in a time where children are expected to start reading and solving complex math problems at an earlier age than previous generations. The problem is that some children’s brains have not yet reached that level of maturity and understanding. However, ready or not, they’re expected to be performing at such levels, which often [...]

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Writer’s Workshop

Working on spelling, grammar, paragraph development and organization. #thetutoringlink #blakeney #inspirecreativity #personalizedlearning #writing #reading #smallgroups

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Parents Night Out

Join us in discovering the world around us...creative writing, art, scavenger hunt, pizza more. Kids will play, while parents are away!! When: Saturday, October 1st from 5pm-8pm for ages 4-10 ($30 per child, $5 off each sibling) Contact us for further information or to reserve your spot: leslie@thetutoringlink.com or call us at 980-299-2904

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Peer Pressure Workshop for Parents

Calling all PARENTS!!! What REALLY is Peer Pressure and should I Be Worried??? Agenda: 1. Explanation of Peer Pressure 2. Positive side of Peer Pressure 3. Negative side of Peer Pressure a. Drugs, sex, gangs, skipping class, choking game 4. Bullying/Cyber-bullying/Peer Pressure 5. Peer Pressure is a Part of Maturation/Identity Development 6. Parent influence vs. [...]

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Study Habits

Rrrrrring!! It’s that time again….school is in session, which means tests, pop quizzes, homework, and lots of frustration! Developing good study habits is a skill that your child will use throughout his life both in school and in the work force. Studies have shown that people with consistently good study habits score higher on classroom tests and standardized tests than that [...]

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