Calling all PARENTS!!!

What REALLY is Peer Pressure and should I Be Worried???

1. Explanation of Peer Pressure
2. Positive side of Peer Pressure
3. Negative side of Peer Pressure
a. Drugs, sex, gangs, skipping class, choking game
4. Bullying/Cyber-bullying/Peer Pressure
5. Peer Pressure is a Part of Maturation/Identity Development
6. Parent influence vs. Peer influence
7. What can I do as a parent?
8. Resources
9. Q&A

This wonderful and informative workshop is for parents and will be conducted by Erica Kennedy, a Nationally Certified and Licensed School Counselor.

When: Wednesday, October 5th @ 7:30 p.m.

Fee: $10 per adult

Call 980-299-4904 or e-mail to register.