We ADMINISTER the WJ-IV Test of Achievement

What is it?

The Woodcock-Johnson IV (WJ-IV) is an individually administered assessment that thoroughly tests a person’s strengths and weaknesses with different subsets of tests. It includes about 20 tests that will cover reading, writing, math, oral language, processing, and more. Unlike other achievement tests that only test your child at their current grade level, the WJ-IV is for anyone from preschool up through college (and beyond).

How long does the test take and when will I get my child’s results?

The test takes 1.5-2 hours to administer, about 5 minutes per test. The format is engaging and changes so the student can remain focused and perform their best.  Results will be emailed within 24 hours and will be explained by phone or in person depending on which works best for the parent.

Who should be tested?

Anyone looking to improve his or her instructional outcome should take the WJ-IV. This test pinpoints individual strengths and weaknesses, which provides parents and educators precise information to better remediate in areas where students struggle and challenge them in areas they excel.

Where can I have my child tested?

The Tutoring Link offers the complete WJ-IV test for only $200. You can also choose just Reading and Writing for $115 or just the Math portion for $115. Mention this post when you call in and get $50 off!

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Personalized Learning Programs

We live in a time where children are expected to start reading and solving complex math problems at an earlier age than previous generations. The problem is that some children’s brains have not yet reached that level of maturity and understanding. However, ready or not, they’re expected to be performing at such levels, which often leads to feelings of failure, insecurity, and behavior problems.

Here at The Tutoring Link, we create a personalized learning program for our students.  It is important to us that each child who comes through our door walks out feeling a little more confident than when he walked in. We start out by evaluating your child’s strengths and weaknesses using the Woodcock-Johnson Test of Abilities, which is the groundbreaking leader in individually administered assessments, and then create a personalized program to help your child achieve the learning goals necessary for their academic success. After working with your child for a few months, we administer a post-test to show learning gains and ultimately adjust their program for continued academic success. Our individualized programs may include, but are not limited to Common Core, Orton-Gillingham, homeschooling support, Study Skills, homework help, test preparation, math concepts and skills, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Allow us to be the link your child needs to reach his or her goals!

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Writer’s Workshop

Working on spelling, grammar, paragraph development and organization. #thetutoringlink #blakeney #inspirecreativity #personalizedlearning #writing #reading #smallgroups

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