WJIV Testing

What is it? The Woodcock-Johnson IV (WJ-IV) is an individually administered assessment that thoroughly tests a person’s strengths and weaknesses with different subsets of tests. It includes about 20 tests that will cover reading, writing, math, oral language, processing, and more. Unlike other achievement tests that only test your child at their current grade level, [...]

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Personalized Learning Programs

We live in a time where children are expected to start reading and solving complex math problems at an earlier age than previous generations. The problem is that some children’s brains have not yet reached that level of maturity and understanding. However, ready or not, they’re expected to be performing at such levels, which often [...]

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Writer’s Workshop

Working on spelling, grammar, paragraph development and organization. #thetutoringlink #blakeney #inspirecreativity #personalizedlearning #writing #reading #smallgroups

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